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Zero-based budgeting

At today’s SCUSD board budget committee meeting Item 4 includes a 20-minute presentation on the concept of zero-based budgeting.

Also known as “budgeting from scratch”, they’re doing it at San Diego Unified School District.

One of the many positives of this form of budgeting includes laying all expenditures on the table for review and cuts, there are no sacred cows and no opportunities for creative accounting.

One of the cons about implementing this type of budget (from beginning to end) is the copious amount of labor hours and subsequent paperwork required to manage it.

Does SCUSD have time to re-invent the budget wheel? If SCUSD board members do decide to adopt this concept, the question will ultimately be: can this produce enough savings to be a worthwhile step in the middle of coping with the ongoing budget crisis?


Written by scusdobserver

December 7, 2009 at 4:20 pm