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One more year on facilities use

One of our community members reports a small but important change to the Sac Charter facilities use agreement passed last night at the school board meeting.

The agreement was amended to expand the district’s intent regarding future use of the St. Hope/Sacramento Charter High School campus from just the co-location of other educational programs on the site to PURSUING OTHER USES FOR THE SITE BEGINNING NEXT YEAR INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO CO-LOCATION.

This is potentially key because it opens everything up: co-location of other educational programs (which many observers feel is the politically-expedient yet ultimately unworkable path), but also relocating programs to more appropriately-sized campuses.

Board president Bell and VP Kennedy both spoke of the need and commitment to fully engage and include the community living within the boundaries of the old Sacramento High School as essential to making any sound decision as to the use of the campus going forward (next year).

Last night the entire board voted to put everything on the table. Whether the board keeps the Superintendent’s feet to the fire is so critical here as is how the entire community responds…will they insist on true engagement and asserting their voices and interests?

Up to this point and for the past seven years, the bulk of the work has been shouldered by a small group of determined and vigilant parents who never gave up on the notion that the comprehensive high school campus at 34th street belongs to Sacramento City Unified and not St. Hope.

Thank you to Lori Jablonski


Eight Million and Holding…

In today’s Sacramento Bee, the story focuses on the still-unresolved issue of the consent decree high school.

In the article, Interim Superintendent Susan Miller publicly acknowledges the rumor that the District is considering the idea of a partnership with Sacramento State.

“Right now we have some proposals from people as a result of the community meetings,” Miller said. “One is a partnership with Sacramento State as a demonstration (high) school.”

“Demonstration” presumably means college preparatory and would satisfy the requirements of the consent decree if all parties agree to it. Tom Barentson, District CFO, points out in the article that the Where’s My High School activists wanted more out of a high school than the consent decree lawsuit required.

In the meantime, the District is holding $8 million in bond money. The consent decree high school was supposed to be established by the fall of last year. The District claims that other needs are more pressing at the moment, specifically current budget cuts.

It’s time to resolve this issue.

Written by scusdobserver

May 1, 2009 at 2:18 pm

East Sacramento Middle School Inequities…

Among other things that will be addressed at tonight’s board meeting is Superintendent Susan Miller ‘s plan to directly address the specific inequity between two middle schools in the center of the city, Sutter Middle School and Kit Carson Middle School.

The Sacramento Bee editorialized about it over the weekend:

…Sutter Middle and Kit Carson are “within a stone’s throw from each other” and have 1,600 students between them. But one has 1,200 students and the other has only 400. One is high-achieving, the other is struggling. So Miller proposes to create two schools of 800 and to blend staff.

Dissenting voices to the plan fear that the “blending” will fail, subsequently wrecking the superior Sutter experience.

In the meantime, another group of advocates are pushing to move the entire Sutter population to Kit Carson, chop down enrollment numbers, and turn Sutter into the long-debated and highly controversial (consent decree) high school for the East Sacramento neighborhoods.

Which begs the question…why do neighborhood folks advocate moving the entire Sutter program TO Kit Carson to satisfy the consent decree but do not favor replicating the Sutter program AT Kit Carson to satisfy middle school inequity?