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Strengthening our perimeters

The recent case of Gary Tudesko, the Willows student who was expelled (then reinstated) for having hunting guns in his pickup truck (parked next to his high school campus) referenced the question of whether school officials have the authority to enforce what goes on beyond the school’s sidewalk.

Today’s protest by Westboro Baptist Church zealots
on the edges of the McClatchy and Rosemont high school boundaries brings up the same question. Does the state’s education code need to be strengthened to better protect our students on their campus perimeters?

Let’s forget about gun laws and free speech laws for a moment. The pertinent question is: do we want our students potentially exposed as targets because the safe zones around our schools do not extend far enough to protect them from possible harm?


Written by scusdobserver

February 5, 2010 at 2:44 pm