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Highlights from the fourth community-engagement meeting held by SCUSD regarding school consolidation and/or closure.

The Bad News:
Some district schools may close or be consolidated with other schools next year.

The Good News:
The school board is listening to its communities and fostering collaborative energy on a grassroots level.

The auditorium at the school was full of concerned citizens, parents, teachers and administrators. Also in attendance were three school board members, Ellyne Bell (Area 1), Patrick Kennedy (Area 7) and Donald Terry (Area 3).
Steve Cohn, city councilmember (District 3), also attended the forum.

District comments:
• The budget challenges are formidable.
• SCUSD has not adjusted facilities space even though student enrollment has been declining.
• Stability of enrollment at a school is going to effect its “mobility”.
• The meeting sites chosen for the forums are not based on specific schools that may be targeted but for their ability to give every community a chance to be heard.
• How can the district best meet the needs of your community?

Community comments:
Write your legislator to express your concerns about the budget crisis.
Write your legislator.
• On creating a revenue stream…the district needs to partner with the community to utilize schools after hours (classroom space for meetings, gymnasiums for recreation, child care space for working parents).
• Transition disrupts families.
• Why are students leaving the district?
• What is the district’s long-term vision?


Written by scusdobserver

January 22, 2009 at 3:23 pm