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Review of Options…

Thursday night’s school board meeting promises a very full agenda:

  • SAIT progress reports for Father Keith B. Kenny Charter, Alice Birney and Pacific Elementary Schools
  • A recommendation on the VIMS Charter Petition
  • A budget update
  • Criteria for layoffs
  • Criteria for school consolidation/closure…

…among many other items. Public comment is scheduled for around 7:15 p.m.

Highlights from the last meeting (February 19th, 2009).

Student and Family Support Services Report
Board members reinforced their commitments to increased engagement with the families of students. The concept that empowering staff tasked with this job is more important than the efficiencies of the Learning Support Unit model was shared.

Public Comment
A heart rendering story was shared by a teacher concerning a middle school student’s ensnarement into the prostitution of children. Extra comment time was extended to the teacher and an immediate referral to Student and Family Services was made.

Policy Governance Framework returned to committee
The proposal was for the president role to rotate and for this person to be the only official spokesperson for the Board. Concerns were expressed concerning how this would affect trustee areas.

Midyear cuts revised down to $9.5 M from $15 M
$2 million cut, $4 million borrowed from other funds.
3.5 million remaining cuts most likely to come from categorical funds.

Budget deficit revised down to $15.7 M (includes $8.3 M of one-time 08-09 funds.)
Potential Options: $1 M savings from central office, $2 M savings/income from closing/renting 4 schools, $2 M savings from no or bond contribution to deferred maintenance.

Staff lay offs
Two exhibits with a range of 200 to 500 direct certificated services (teachers) were presented. It was also stated that all administrative services would be laid off to provide “maximum flexibility”.

St HOPE financial agreement Quarterly Report
A one-page annual budget summary of the current fiscal year was presented to the Board as an update on the current financial status of ST HOPE Public Schools. A 39 page audit of the previous fiscal year (completed 12/08) was attached. There was minimal Board discussion.

School facilities closing/community engagement
Staff presented a case study of a neighborhood school using their study matrix and criteria tools. The Board directed staff to revise their study approach to use capacity utilization as the ranking approach rather than enrollment numbers.

Local Educational Agency Plan for 08-09
The comprehensive plan which outlines how district programs and resources will coordinate to meet the principles and objectives of No Child Left Behind was adopted with minimal discussion.


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March 3, 2009 at 4:44 pm