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Commentary: Kennedy High Students banned from graduation

On Monday, 18 seniors were banned from participating in John F. Kennedy High School‘s graduation ceremony.

The vandals allegedly caused thousands of dollars worth of damage by perpetrating acts that included dying the school swimming pool green, damaging fresh paint on school doors and writing obscene messages in chalk.

Students were warned in advance that they would be disciplined for vandalism and the consequences would include forfeiting the graduation day ceremony.

These kids chose to break the rules and they were punished by the school district. Some alleged offenders protested and showed up anyway with their caps and gowns on…while sitting in the audience.

Parents appeared at the school with a lawyer, protesting the decision.

So are these children really just entitled brats who don’t think they should be held responsible for their crimes? Are they wrongly accused? SCUSD has videotape and is unwilling to reveal the evidence citing concerns over a possible lawsuit.

Another lawsuit? Why?

These pranks cast a pall over what should be the best day in a student’s life — accomplishments on graduation day. Is litigation the only avenue to hold these individuals responsible for the crimes they committed against the entire Kennedy high school community?

The Sac City school board should hold these children and their parents responsible for the damage they’ve caused and they should make them pay for their crimes. In this time of strained budgets, it would be reprehensible for these haves to take away from the many have-nots in our school system. The district should not spend one dime cleaning up after these idiotic misdemeanors. The district should also not spend one labor hour litigating the fairness of their decision.


Written by scusdobserver

June 14, 2008 at 1:23 pm