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Neighboring Folsom Cordova Unified to close schools

Last night at Mills Middle School, parents and community members came together to discuss school closures.

Six schools north of Folsom Boulevard in Rancho Cordova, could shut down for good, although the focus was on three – Cordova Lane, Riverview and Williamson elementaries.

One parent suggested that homeowners in Rancho Cordova may fight back by filing a class action suit, an injunction or even a restraining order to prevent the district from closing schools.

Although often unsuccessful, school closures can lead to lawsuits. This summer in Seattle, parents filed litigation on behalf of schools targeted for closure in the poor/minority areas of the city.

In Hawaii, the state is facing two federal lawsuits that seek to block Furlough Fridays in public schools, one representing nine students with autism and the other on behalf of regular and special education students.

Closing neighborhood schools will eventually awaken the sleeping giant of parents, teachers, community activists and education advocates (if it hasn’t already).

Regardless of the outcome, defending against the protracted litigation that will eventually follow these closures will drain school districts of precious time and resources.


Written by scusdobserver

November 3, 2009 at 4:11 pm