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Highlights from the Special Board Workshop of 2/12

Thoughts from a reporter in the field….

It was great see the “new” board members in action — a group of intelligent people trying to solve problems. Gustavo Arroyo thanked the gallery for attending, and invited us to chime in. Donald Terry advocated effectively for his constituents in Rancho Cordova, showing a good understanding of the issues particular to that community. Diana Rodriguez made a smart suggestion about ways to quantify the lower income students by means other than subsidized lunches. Electing our board members by ward is a great step forward.

The cost-cutting focus seems aimed primarily at staffing and class-size reduction with some big, scary numbers involved. Under DRAFT Plan A, 119 teaching positions would be dropped in elementary, 24 in middle, and 38 in high school. DRAFT Plan B would more than double the elementary teachers dropped to 234!! March 5th was the date given for more “firmness” in the numbers, but they are ghastly. A whole bunch of pink slips could be just around the bend.

As for facilities use and/or co-location, the staff suggestions seemed remarkably tame. Staff distributed a spreadsheet which implied that they are operating the right number of high schools for a district this size. Ellyne Bell sought some clarity on that point, but didn’t get it. Most of the ideas on the facilities side involved tinkering with elementary schools, and leasing Marian Anderson and possibly adding some more students to Kit Carson. Absent was a discussion about moving St. Hope to West Campus, and bringing the small schools under one roof.

The district appears to be leaning towards layoffs as the primary solution to balancing their budget.

Report by James Broderick


Recommendation not to establish…

At tonight’s school board meeting, agenda item 10.6 offers an update on the Consent Decree School at Marian Anderson and recommendation not to establish by September 2008. This is an action item.

In the Bee today, the headline reads: School has low student demand.

Associate Superintendent Susan Miller said there just aren’t enough kids to support its opening.

“When we look at our enrollment of 12 students, that’s not viable to open in September,” she said. “The board still needs to discuss whether that’s a postponement” or a death knell for the school.

Written by scusdobserver

May 15, 2008 at 1:39 pm