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Highlights from Leonardo Da Vinci Community Meeting of 2/11/09

Staff’s new comments

  • Night-time security officers pay for themselves by reduced vandalism.
  • The district will post its draft closure criteria soon.

Community comments
(So called soft factors currently not in the district’s decision criteria)

  • Parents expressed support for John Morse, Hollywood Park, LDV, Sutter and all our schools.
  • Schools have substantial volunteer investments over the years that need to be respected.
  • Our small neighborhood schools include deep roots like students returning to be teachers.
  • Parents have transferred into SCUSD due to its smaller sized neighborhood schools.
  • Teaching teams and their networks of support represent years of effort and training. This can be diluted by closure and consolidation.
  • Limited access to open enrollment based on transportation issues is an equity concern.
  • A perspective of people, place and program needs to be brought into these decisions.

Specific ideas

  • Community volunteers could watch schools to prevent vandalism.
  • SCUSD needs to invest in success and expand programs with waiting lists.
  • Small schools provide options to expensive special education services that the size of bigger schools preclude.
  • The study areas do not always make sense since some schools are closer to other study areas than to schools in their area.
  • Schools need equitable access to facilities such as gyms and stages.
  • Facility use permit prices are a potential source of more income.
  • The MET could be housed at CK McClatchy.
  • The MET needs to stay at its current location due to its unique needs.

Written by scusdobserver

February 11, 2009 at 11:10 pm