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Luther Burbank HS Community Meeting notes of 2/18/08

Translation provided in three different languages.

Thanks expressed to Board Members Diana Rodriquez and Gustavo Arroyo for attending.

Shared administration currently being considered for schools with close proximity.

SCUSD needs a plan to make the most use of its parents as partners with the district.

Community comments:

  • Many important programs for this community are in place but not listed in the matrix. Their ability to follow the students needs to be considered.
  • Small learning communities are important at every level.
  • Language support at school is very important for family involvement.
  • Cultural training for staff so that they are not seen as rude is a need.
  • The community and the district need to educate each other as equal partners.
  • There needs to be greater diversity at the Cabinet level.
  • More bilingual staff is needed.
  • Too many changes will bring confusion into the community.
  • Bottom up supports through community counselors and social workers are necessary foundations for the academic work of the school.
  • Too many of our students are basic or below and each site needs unique interventions.

Specific ideas:

  • If the administration needs support in creative thinking then ask the community agencies.
  • If administration needs help to ask the state for money, community members are ready to offer their assistance.
  • Many community agencies are a good fit for working out of a school.

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February 23, 2009 at 5:18 pm