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BUDGET SNAPSHOT :: Improving Teacher Quality

Title II, Part A, Improving Teacher Quality

If you are familiar with reading the SCUSD budget reports, please take note.

Accompanying Documentation HERE (zip file)

Resource Code 4035

FY 0910  budget =  $6,276,725.00

Start with the SUMMARY, page 1.
Pay attention to 3 lines (accounts) in object code 1101 (TchrReg). The “issues” are obvious.

Also page 1, note object 1903.   Remember, “temps” aren’t tracked on the Position Control, therefore skewing the FTEs.

Think about what this money is supposed to do.  Know this resource is included in the ConApp. It should be included in the SPSAs.

Who do you think is making decisions about how to use this resource?

Look at DETAIL report, object code 4390. (pages 80-82). Note- this is not an “expenditure” account. It is only used as “budget revision” or “budget transfer”.  This is not “planning”.

Unused amount as of July 31 =  $2,927,219.11.  Why?


Written by Karen Swett

August 11, 2010 at 1:52 pm

Posted in Snapshots

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