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Truth in transcript

Yesterday, we published the transcript of this week’s  interview with Jonathan Raymond on Capital Public Radio. One of our astute readers (and contributors), Leo Bennett-Cauchon, did a little research (see below).


Raymond: “… We have to balance either way and we were prepared to do it by making reductions which would have increased our class sizes as well as would have eliminated the vast majority of our counselors at our high schools.”

Reality: estimated actuals 09-2010 = 28 M decrease. 10-11 = 16 M increase (pdf pg 20). Both are inaccurate projections but not balanced. 09-10 was balanced this time last year.

Raymond: “… Many of the categorical funds, these are the special dollars for state and federal programs are being reduced and there are positions — again 90 percent of our budget is personnel, so when the funding goes down we have to make corresponding reductions.”

Reality: Restricted Balance (categorical): 09-10 = 7 M. 10-11 = 23 M (pdf pg 30)

Raymond: “So we’re not adding another position, in fact, we’re reducing the cabinet level positions from eight positions down to seven.”

Past Reality: Interim Superintendent’s Reorganized Cabinet = 6 ( December Cabinet – Chief of Staff = 6). (pdf pg 2)

Current Reality: April Cabinet + Chief Accountability + Chief Engagement = 12. (pdf pg 1)

Future Reality: ?


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July 9, 2010 at 7:24 am

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