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The Black Parallel School Board’s reflections on candidate forum

By the Black Parallel School Board

African Americans under the historical conditions of slavery, segregation and state-sanctioned discrimination had been summarily denied the right to read and write and formally educate themselves and their children. This predicament has had direct impact on every sphere of black existence. One of the most significant blows against this historical problem was the Brown versus the Board of Education decision in 1954, which ruled against segregation in public education. Consequently, America has come to face the fact that receiving a quality public education is a civil right and underpins the very core of our ideals as a nation and the principles and promise for which it stands. As of today, despite our previous efforts, receiving a quality education and closing the achievement gap is the biggest civil rights issue of this century. It goes without saying that as citizens, all, we want to live in a nation as good as its promise and wish to provide the most vulnerable populations with an education worthy of the name.

On May 1st, 2010 an attempt to tackle this problem was made by twenty-two political candidates at Oak Park United Methodist Church. Among these were: Ryan Chin, Candidate for Sacramento City Council, District 7; Leticia Hilbert, Henry Harry, Terre Johnson, Jay Schenirer, and Patrick Kennedy, Candidates for Sacramento City Council Dist. 5; Cliff Cottam for Yes on 17 Campaign, C. T. Weber for No on Prop 14 Campaign, and Candidate for California Lieutenant Governor, Yvonne R. Girard, Candidate for California Lieutenant Governor, Diane Lenning and Grant McMicken, Candidates for CA Superintendent of Public Instruction, Jackie Levy, Candidate for Sacramento County Board of Education, Area 3, Adam Sartain, Lauren Hammond, Kevin McCarty, Roger Dickinson, and Rick Redding,  Candidates for CA Assembly District 9, Erik Smitt, Candidate for 5th Congressional District, Efren Gutierrez, Candidate for Sacramento City Council, District 1, Steve Cohn and Shawn D. Eldredge, Candidates for Sacramento City Council District 3. Each candidate gave an excellent showing.

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