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The Sup’s Priority Schools

Subject: Superintendent”s Priority Schools
March 15, 2010

Dear Colleague:

Tomorrow, we will publicly announce the “Superintendent’s Priority
Schools” in an effort to help persistently and chronically
low-performing schools.  This effort, focused on improving student
learning at six of our district’s most under-performing schools, will
call for a new, bold approach to leadership at these sites and
additional resources to help put these schools in a better position to
be effective.

All six schools serve primarily economically disadvantaged, minority
populations.  They are:
●       Oak Ridge Elementary
●       Father Keith B. Kenny Elementary
●       Jedediah Smith Elementary
●       Fern Bacon Basic Middle
●       Will C. Wood Middle
●       Hiram W. Johnson High
The staffs at these schools are dedicated, but we are not seeing the
results that our children need at these sites. This urgently needs to
change.  I am committed to moving with “deliberate speed” to working
with each school community—the students, parents, staff and
partners—to create a culture of success. Four of the schools have
failed to meet their federal performance targets for seven consecutive
years, despite interventions and other assistances. Progress has been
minimal, and in some cases, student performance has declined. We will
need to work harder, dig deeper and be bolder to find the right solution
with the school communities to vastly and quickly improve student
achievement at these Priority Schools. We will not continue to fail
these students.

As we battle through these extraordinarily challenging budgetary times,
it is important that we still look for ways to innovate and create
opportunities for growth and increased performance.  I believe that this
effort is a step in that direction.

Thank you for all that you do to provide service to the students and
families of our community. Your efforts make a difference.


Jonathan Raymond


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March 16, 2010 at 5:09 pm

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