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KJ’s Education Summit

Yesterday, Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson hosted an education summit downtown at the Central Library. Below are links to media articles accompanied by story excerpts or reader commentary.

Sacramento Press
Reader comment: Kevin Johnson began by referring to other town hall meetings and how this one would be different, we would have “respect and dignity.”

Capital Public Radio

San Jose Mercury News

Sacramento Bee
Reader comment: I’m sorry, Mayor Johnson — but you cannot just close failing schools. It sounds like a nice, neat, simple solution: if a school is performing poorly, get rid of it — but it does not take into account the complex realities of actually putting children first — of building an education system that educates every child.

The Governor Monitor
Article excerpt: * Reward teachers who are consistently doing the toughest jobs. Alternative pay schedules highlight effective teaching practices and create incentives to improve our education system.
* Measure student progress to help identify what works in the classroom. Every child is different and looking at both growth measures and overall achievement scores provides a better picture of a student progress over time.

News Blaze
Article excerpt: In addition to encouraging young people to take an active role in their education, Governor Schwarzenegger also called on the legislature to act quickly to enact the statutory changes necessary to ensure California will be eligible and highly competitive for Race to the Top, a $4.35 billion federal competitive grant program in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act designed to support education reform and innovation.



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