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Why St. Hope is so important?

Today’s Sacramento Bee editorial page features an opinion about Sacramento Charter High School and PS7’s astounding academic performance gains.

Some of the positions stated in the editorial have merit but one glaring omission makes the entire read irrelevant: the students that these charter schools reject for behavior and academic problems get shipped out to Hiram Johnson and other SCUSD public schools — the district has no special charter rules to impose on these students and the district is mandated by law to educate everyone. St. Hope is not bound by the same rules.

The handpicking and “old guard possessiveness” that the editorial decries of St. Hope leadership doesn’t just stop at the administrative level and it’s inexcusable that the Bee’s writers miss that point.


Written by scusdobserver

June 3, 2009 at 12:27 pm

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  1. The notion that St. HOPE rejects students is flat out NOT TRUE. Sac Charter is an OPEN ENROLLMENT school. There is NO testing to enter the school and NO student is rejected. What’s insulting is that “some” people in the community insinuate that it is beacuse of a selection process that the students at Sac Charter are succeeding…not the fact that there is a pogram that pays the necessary attention to these students, that staff commonly goes above and beyond, and that the students work their tails off. I firmly believe that if this school had a different demographic and were from a different zip code, their academic results would not be questioned.

    A. Langston Taylor

    November 20, 2011 at 9:34 am

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