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A stinking, rotten mess

Ah, the squirming begins yet again. Kevin Johnson’s spokesperson, Steve Maviglio will try to convince us that Rick Maya’s allusion to obstruction of justice charges are just a simple technology goof. Gerald Walpin, the Inspector General, is a rogue character and the SCUSD administration says everything is in order, nothing to see here folks…but the wallpaper is peeling and underneath lies a stinking, rotten mess.

New charges could undermine St. HOPE settlement

Sacramento City Unified School District officials said they will continue to monitor the St. HOPE Public Schools situation but noted that most of the concerns cited in Maya’s letter involve the charter schools’ relationship with St. HOPE Academy, which is a private nonprofit not under their control.

The district authorizes the charters that allow St. HOPE to run Sacramento Charter High School and PS7 Elementary School. The charter schools pay rent to the school district for two campuses.

“Our main point is looking at the fiscal solvency,” said district Interim Superintendent Susan Miller. “They’ve met their timelines, so we don’t believe that will be a problem.”

At tonight’s board meeting
presumably Deputy Superintendent Tom Barentson will present St. Hope charter school’s quarterly report and a discussion about facilities will ensue among SCUSD board members.


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May 21, 2009 at 2:16 pm

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