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St. Hope in meltdown mode?

Updated 1:19 p.m
Inspector General urges grand jury probe

READ: Special Report to Congress from the Office of the Inspector General concerning St. Hope’s misuse of federal funds.


The Sacramento Bee, through the Freedom of Information Act, has obtained former St. Hope CEO Rick Maya’s resignation letter from the charter school’s board of directors. Submitted last month, Maya’s letter (along with three other board members’ resignations) reveals further criminal activity on the part of Sacramento’s mayor and his henchmen.

New allegations of obstruction of justice, serious fiscal insolvency, violation of the Brown Act, secretive back-room dealings and abuse of authority surface with Mr. Maya’s letter.

The SCUSD Board of Trustees must immediately demand some answers to the questions Maya’s letter raises. What is the vulnerable district’s legal culpability in the fiasco that is St. Hope? The time is long past due to sever ties to this failed experiment which is so obviously in meltdown mode.


Written by scusdobserver

May 20, 2009 at 3:05 pm

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