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Who is running this show?

At the risk of simply blogging as a Sacramento Bee critique, today we’d like to draw your attention to an editorial: Superintendent Search Drags On.

The piece illuminates two (particularly) noticeable points:

  • Thirteen months after Maggie Mejia announced her retirement, SCUSD is without a permanent superintendent.
  • Teachers, principals and Teamsters unions announced Thursday that they do not want a search. They want the board to appoint interim Superintendent Susan Miller as the permanent superintendent.

Why isn’t a permanent superintendent in place now? Is it a result of board incompetence that this search is not complete? Are our new representatives so green that they just can’t seem to get up-to-speed on what their responsibilities and priorities are? Or is it more likely that the District is without a superintendent because of an internal power struggle? What is the back story here?

Susan Miller, together with Tom Barentson, have force-fed their worst-case-scenario economic policies to this newly-elected board and the majority have adopted Miller’s recommendations without question.

She’s the teacher and they are the class.

And with the editorial’s revelation that the Teamsters are now involved in pushing for Miller’s permanent hiring, the question of who is actually running this show takes on a larger intrigue.


Written by scusdobserver

May 9, 2009 at 2:19 pm

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