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Houseman’s Tax Harangue Goes Viral

Out of the mouths of (seemingly unnoticed) elected officials…

Jerry Houseman’s tax tirade apparently has gone viral with the anti-tax-tea-party crowd. The video has been posted by Blogger Joshua Trevino who describes Houseman this way:

Per Dr. Houseman: “They don’t want to pay for kids — your kids!” Well, no: the low-tax movement, and small-government ideology in general, is not actually about “not pay[ing] for kids” so much as it’s about being able to pay for one’s kids. We shouldn’t be much surprised at his outburst: in addition to being a lifelong education bureaucrat, and thus prone to the hammer/nail problem on these topics, he represents SCUSD’s Area 2. This affluent area includes Sacramento’s Fabulous Forties, the sort of urban bastion of well-to-do conventional white liberalism, with all its thoughtless reflexes, that plagues California politics — and hence California education.

The video has also been posted at these blogs: SacRag, Three Sources and Club for Growth


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April 28, 2009 at 2:54 pm

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