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Jerry Houseman’s Tirade

Over at the SacRag, author Cool DMZ, makes an excellent catch about Jerry Houseman’s tirade at the last school board meeting. In case you missed it, (Item 10.4 part 2 near the end of the video segment) the outburst was nothing short of surreal, complete with browbeating and finger-wagging, about how Californians are tax-averse and unwilling to pay for public education.

In other words, Houseman berated audience members, with all the sanctimony he could muster, that we’ve brought this school-closing problem on ourselves.

Cool DMZ nails it when he writes:

The prospect of an elected official — charged with spending millions of taxpayer money — browbeating his constituents to cease their resistance to higher taxes while they have the gall to take advantage of a public service like education, is pretty frightening.

Why wasn’t Roy Grimes’ gavel hitting the table repeatedly on Houseman’s conniption? Grimes has no problem silencing the public when a timed, public comment minute is up. Houseman was completely out of line last Thursday and he needs calling on the carpet. Consider it done now, twice. Thanks SacRag.


Written by scusdobserver

April 23, 2009 at 3:29 pm

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