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The Observer applauds the SCUSD Board of Trustees for taking a tour today of the school facilities slated for closure this fall.

The more often the Board gets out of the confines of the Serna Center, the better. To take this idea one step further, perhaps the Board might really go outside of the box.

Try this idea on for size: A Fish Bowl Exercise. Representatives of various neighborhood organizations and agencies sit in a circle with the SCUSD Board. Written questions could be submitted to them by the public who are seated in a second circle around the conversation group. The result? An authentic conversation concerning the major challenges facing our school communities…

The proceedings could be videotaped and posted on the Board’s website, questions and comments could be posted before and after the conversation and many great networking options that are technologically possible could be utilized to the fullest.

Sitting on high at the Serna Center, listening to truncated public comments bracketed by an overload of staff information (and rebuttal) and then expected to make deliberative decisions in high pressure situations is not what the public was promised from our elected board members during the recent campaign.

Management is still essentially driving this school bus, as we will all probably see tomorrow night at the board meeting.


Written by scusdobserver

April 1, 2009 at 3:10 pm

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