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Highlights from the March 5 Board Meeting

Item 10.3: Budget update was presented. The 08-09 budget now has the flexibility to take rather borrow 4 M from other funds which would lessen the impact on 09-10. No decision on this option was reached. The district will transfer categorical money to cover the remaining 3.8 M shortfall for 08-09. The shortfall in funding for 09-10 decreased from 15.7 M to 15.4 M. A public hearing was held on moving categorical money in 09-10. This move was approved in concept but the specifics will come back for individual action.

Public Comment: Nurses, counselors, social workers, school psychologists and parents shared personal stories about the direct services that have supported students and contributed to student growth and, at times, survival. The district is proposing cutting 90% of the people who deliver these services.

Item 10.5: Certificated teachers and pupils services layoff resolution. District management is proposing cutting about 16% of staff in these areas. Some specific subjects like music are proposed for 100% cuts. After a long discussion this item was continued to March 9th to allow staff time to provide rationales for the layoffs and to develop specifics concerning the central office reorganization and its related cost savings.

Item 10.7: The revised school closure criteria based on capacity was presented. Staff was directed to apply the new 10-level scale to additional criteria other than the three of capacity, of resident % and poverty factors. Specific information on each district school was also shared.

Item 10.2: At the close of the meeting the Board heard staff recommend a denial of the new charter school proposal for the Visionary Institute of Math and Science. After some of the members spoke well of their efforts and others encouraged the petitioners to return next year the Board voted unanimously to adopt management’s recommendation.

Items 10.1 and 10.8: School Assistance and Intervention and also Board Bylaw on Agenda/Meeting Materials was postponed due to proposed length of meeting.

Item 9.1: The Special Education Local Plan, Area Annual Service Delivery Plan and Annual Budget Plan were reviewed and will return for approval March 19th.

Highlights of the March 9th Continuation meeting: The Board briefly reviewed the revised organization of the central office. A longer review and questioning occurred in response to management’s explanation of its reasons for the areas and numbers chosen for layoffs. After limiting public comment to 1 minute per person and 10 minutes total the Board discussed the layoffs and changing the language to may need reduced services. This was approved by unanimous vote. However, after receiving phone-in legal advice the Board decided by unanimous vote to reconsider and adopt management’s proposal to lay off 386 certificated teaching and pupil service certificated employees.


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