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Alice Birney meeting adds new comments to the community’s voice

  • We would like to hear the creative options SCUSD claims to have generated.
  • The “greenness” of a school needs to be added to the matrix.
  • Every elementary student should be able to have a safe walk to school.
  • Preschools need to be expanded so that all children can have the “classic Kindergarten” experience since Kindergarten is now first grade.
  • Sacramento State and some community colleges are having a facility shortage and partnerships would be of benefit.
  • Our populations of seniors are another area to look for partnerships.
  • Please consider the need for different types of education for different kinds of students.
  • Replicate the Waldorf model into more schools.
  • Small schools have a large purpose.
  • No one study area should carry an extra portion of this burden.
  • The study areas seem to be creating an artificial division because of the unknown nature of who might be closed.

Written by scusdobserver

January 26, 2009 at 3:55 pm

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