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Pia Lopez Strikes Again: Commentary

In yesterday’s Bee, education reporter Pia Lopez tosses out this little nugget of information on her blog:

…An education summit at the California Museum March 9. (Kevin Johnson) wants to elevate the profile of the city as a place of innovation. He’ll have local folks and a few national speakers to address the following issues: how to attract high quality teachers and principals (including alternative credentialing); school choice (including attracting providers to Sacramento); accountability and data (the state’s API, he believes, is “not transparent” and is “convoluted” as a way of identifying good schools); performance pay; and how to bring additional resources to Sacramento. Hear any feathers ruffling?

Isn’t it ironic that Kevin Johnson is crying about transparency? And convolution? And Ms. Lopez’s characterization of Mr. Johnson’s Rhee-like reforms coming to Sacramento is a bit disingenous. More than feathers will ruffle if Kevin Johnson gets his hands on the city’s school system. Perhaps Lopez’s cheerleading is meant to suggest that KJ really does know best…after all, he’s been the mayor for 44 days.


Written by scusdobserver

January 17, 2009 at 1:44 am

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