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Mayor-elect Johnson has "already sat down with some of the superintendents"

In today’s Sacramento Bee, Kevin Johnson espouses his view on the current state of education in Sacramento:

Among his other priorities, said the former NBA star turned education reformer, would be improving schools, even though that’s not part of the mayor’s official job description.

“We have 100 some-odd schools in Sacramento,” he said. “Over the next year I am going to see if I can visit all of our schools. I have already sat down with some of the superintendents. I want to sit down with all of them. I want them to tell me what they would like to see from the mayor, how can I be helpful in terms of education. Because our city will never realize its potential if we don’t have great public schools. One of my goals is four or eight years from now, looking back, that the trajectory of our schools has increased when it comes to student achievement.”

In another part of today’s Bee, titled Advice for Mayor-elect Johnson, retiring school board member (and avid Johnson campaign supporter) Karen Young weighs in:

Education is the key to our city’s economic, social and moral success.

That’s absolutely critical. In order to do all of what he is saying, he has to understand what schools are going through. I think he can help schools understand they have to be competitive, they have to market themselves, and they don’t know how to do that. Bring in marketsavvy people who understand how to utilize their assets, whether it’s the buildings, the programs or the staffs. Through the city, or directly through the schools, it would help them achieve what they are trying to achieve with our students.

He has to use his political muscle, not only in politics, in the Legislature, but also with the foundation connections,the individual connections he has. I think it’s critical that he elevate the discussion to that level. He should continue his town hall forums to really engage our citizens.

What Kevin has to do is connect everyone. He has to rally the citizens, because they are complacent about our schools. They think things are OK. He needs to rally the business leaders, education leaders, and especially parents around the importance of education. He needs to talk about it. Talk, talk, talk. Locally, at forums, nationally, he needs to do that.


Written by scusdobserver

November 9, 2008 at 4:16 pm

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