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School Board hindering charters?

The Sacramento Bee has apparently lost its collective mind with its most recent editorial lamenting SCUSD’s most recent decision to award Sacramento Charter High School a one-year facility agreement without exclusive use.

Quoting from the piece:

How can the district itself and the charter schools operate with predictability if they only have one-year agreements for a facility? How can charters build a school culture if the district leaves open the possibility that they may have to co-locate with an incompatible program? The district is responsible for creating these charter schools, so it should attempt to assure their success – or, at least, not get in the way. This latest stance shows a district effectively bleeding its charter schools dry, rather than doing what it can to make its charter schools successful.

No where in this editorial is the mention that St. Hope’s charter is under federal investigation.

Are the laws are being followed? Should charters have carte blanche to operate any way they want under the taxpayer-funded entity that is Sacramento City Unified School District?

St. Hope has already been given five years to establish their program, and by many accounts they have failed miserably.

It behooves the district to proceed with caution and the board has made the right decision to wait and see what happens with the federal investigation into St. Hope’s charter before granting any more exclusive use or taxpayer-funded resources.


Written by scusdobserver

June 27, 2008 at 6:00 pm

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